Your building is smart. Show it off.

Automated Logic’s Eco-Screen® Sustainability Kiosk is a powerful tool that allows building owners to showcase their facilities’ energy conservation and sustainability measures.

With the Eco-Screen kiosk, information is displayed on a large touch screen in the facility’s lobby or common area. Visitors can engage with the interactive display to learn about your building’s sophisticated operating system, highlighting your most innovative, energy-efficient building features..


Sustainability Kiosk

The Eco-Screen® Sustainability Kiosk connects to WebCTRL® building automation systems to monitor energy data. Use the kiosk to compare the energy saving of your energy-efficient building with that of a conventional building. You can also view trends by hour, day, week, month or year, as well as historical highs and lows, total precipitation and weather trends.

Dynamic Color Graphics

The dynamic color graphics bring your building to life, making its behind-the-scenes workings engaging and interactive.

Live data at your fingertips

The kiosk displays live data, including current energy and water usage, reductions in CO2 emissions, outdoor air conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and more.

Your Story

The Eco-Screen® Sustainability Kiosk informs users and visitors about your organization, its history, programs, and objectives to increase understanding about its environmental impact.

Visitor Information

This product provides your customers or visitors with important information about your organization or facility, including company and building directories, room schedules, virtual tours, local resources and amenities.

Sustainability is key

The Eco-Screen® Sustainability Kiosk generates awareness of LEED® certification requirements and ENERGY STAR® criteria, as well as your sustainability goals.

Customization made easy

This product can be easily customized, allowing you to change content, color scheme, logos and graphics as needed to keep information current and relevant. Included with the Eco-Screen® Sustainability Kiosk is a web version that can be optionally enabled and accessed on web browsers.

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